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We believe the quality of our services is best illustrated through the eyes of our clients and peers. We take great pride in the fact that virtually all of our new business comes from referrals by current clients and our peers at national and multi-national firms.

Trusted by Clients, Recommended by Peers,
Proven by Results



Lawrence Theall selected by his peers for Insurance Law

“When asked by general counsel or risk management who is available in Ontario and indeed the common law provinces of this country to undertake policyholder work, Theall Group is always one of my recommendations. Thorough knowledge of coverage law, tenacious yet cost effective representation accompanied by common sense make Larry and his colleagues one of the country’s most effective policyholder side coverage firms.”

-Mark Lichty, Partner at Blaney McMurtry LLP

“In Canada, first tier coverage litigators are a small and select group, to which Larry Theall undoubtedly belongs. What particularly distinguishes Larry and his team, however, is their unparalleled experience and expertise in representing the interests of policyholders in coverage disputes. There are only a few firms that I recommend in this field, and Theall Group is one of them.”

-John Nicholl, Ad. E., Senior Equity Partner at Clyde & Co. LLP

“Theall Group provides focused and effective representation to policyholders in complex commercial insurance disputes and has consistently demonstrated their command, knowledge and understanding of the sometimes difficult nuances of insurance disputes and coverage litigation. Their litigators are effective and efficient in mediation, litigation and arbitration and versatile in resolving disputes under a broad array of insurance products.”

-Mary Jane Stitt, FCIArb, Counsel Mediator Arbitrator at Mary Jane Stitt Professional Corporation

Lawrence Theall selected by his peers for Product Liability and Litigation